Why Get A Loan From A Non Traditional Lender?

Fed Holds Interest Rates Steady For Now
June 2, 2016
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Why Get A Loan From A Non Traditional Lender?

Often times and according to a recent article on nonprime loans titled, “Nonprime loans are going to prime borrowers” , Mr. Scot Kersgaard makes the case that after the financial crisis and recession new products and regulations are stricter and less risky.

Mr. Kersgaard quotes Robert Senko, Co-CEO and Co-founder of subprime lender ACC Mortgage saying, “We lend to people who probably couldn’t get loans from a traditional lender but that many of their clients could get “A” loans but choose not to for one reason or another.”

He goes on to add, “We just closed a deal with two doctors. They had some medical issues, they had a tax lien, they’d had a failed business, and they had a 15 year loan. We moved them into a 30 year, paid off their other debts and they are still 50% LTV. They make plenty of money, just a great customer, but no bank would touch them. They had had a loan modification that didn’t work out. We could look beyond all that to get them a good loan. So now they have a year or two to clean things up and probably get into a traditional loan.”

Loan ApprovedAt APR Mortgage LLC we are in the business of helping people improve their lot in life by refinancing, giving sound financial advice, and positioning themselves to take advantage of the business climate. We help all kinds of clients from foreign nationals to those that can’t qualify for a traditional loan for a variety of reasons. We live to give our stamp of Loan Approved.

We at APR Mortgage LLC have heard the talk about the housing bubble, to include Blackstone Group’s unloading all the rent homes they bought over the last few years to dealing with the impacts of new legislation aimed at tightening the risk taking of large banks. Our research shows that the lending standards have tightened to lessen the risk of another 2008 recession, but in the end this is a good thing and we have noticed some very positive trends from increasing home prices and steady job market growth. So don’t believe all the naysayers out there.